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Who had the best voices in TDWT?

My favorites  were Courtney, Owen, Alejandro, and Heather 

Traits that make a good Total Drama contender

Teamwork (DJ, Bridgette, Leshawna etc.)

Leadership (Courtney, Duncan, Heather etc.)

Manipulation (Heather, Duncan, Jo, Scott, Alejandro etc.)

Athleticism (Sky, Jasmine, Eva, Jo, Brick, Lightning etc.)

Uniqueness (Owen, Izzy, Sierra, Shawn, etc.)

Strategic/Intelligence (Heather, Courtney, Alejandro, Cameron, etc.)

Popularity (Owen, Leshawna, Justin, Geoff, etc.)

One Piece 758

Shall go down in history as one of GOD USOPP”S greatest’s sniping moments. 


Legend of Korra, Book three: Change 易

"When we reach our lowest point,
we are open to the greatest change.”



Hi sorry can we talk about this

This moment really struck a chord with me. That look is not a look of determination, not a look of “Hellz yeah I’m gonna do this!”

That is a look of desperation. Bolin didn’t think he could do it and knew he would die if he failed. He was ready to die.

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after watching the book 3 finale:



Welp I lied, here are the last of book 3’s snapchats. Jinora has the spotlight in the final set, congrats on your tattoos, babe :)

Book 4 Predictions

Its a long way from Book 4 but here’s my guess what will happen from where we left off in the finale. 

6-12 month time skip 

Korra has physically recovered from her battle with the red lotus and is no longer in a wheel chair, but still damaged mentally. She’s depressed and hasn’t left air temple island. She gets physical checkups and therapy sessions from white lotus members and air acolytes but its not working. Senna and Tonraq haven’t left the island and been with Korra’s side. 

Asami’s business is booming and she has been visiting Korra on ATI every day to comfort her. Mako shows up time to time after working with Bei Fong with the Republic city police. He’s not good with emotional stuff like Asami so he doesn’t pester Korra too much. 

With a Joint effort with the United Republic Forces, the Metal Clan, the Air Nation and the FIre Nation help calm the Chaos in the Earth Kingdom and track down the remaining red lotus members. Bolin has been in Zao Fu training as a Lava Bender (possibly metalbending too) and bonding with his extended family who now live there since Ba Sing Se is still in chaos. He has also been teaming up with Kuvira, Opal, Kai, and the Beifong twins in covert operations to capture the remaining red lotus members in hiding.

The joint nations and powers are doing their best but the chaos is still ensuing and the new threat is proving to be troublesome. The world needs their avatar. After plenty of convincing and heart to heart conversations, Korra finally overcomes her grief and decides to go back to the flames of chaos, face the new and bring balance to the world. 

Team Avatar reunites and start off in the Fire Nation (because we need to see the Fire Lord and the royal family)